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customized facial tissue

  • Customized Box Facial Tissue Paper For Advertising

    People also prefer to Box Facial Tissue when they’re away from home. Exceptional softness and premium feel encourage facial tissue use, helping you create a healthier environment. Facial tissue is Soft and comfortable with 3 layers,smooth touch , confetti is impossible,and it is Wet and dry paper handkerchiefs ,we also can print some informations on the box as a advertising medium.The Customized Facial Tissue is the international health standards, Eco antibacterial virign paper, natural, simple and quality life.

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  • Customized Soft Pack Facial Tissue Paper

    1) The facial tissue paper is very Soft, smooth, comfortable, 2) The soft pack facial tissue is Free of paper powder, no dust and hole,it is Strong water absorption. 3) Facial tissue is Easily dissolved in water, safe for all standard sewer & septic systems ,the tissue is 450 degrees sterilization, no harmful chemicals, healthy and is Excellent quality with good price,we have full automatic production line, high capacity guarantee timely delivery and good sales service.

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